Alto Stake Pool

Alto Stake Pool is a Silicon Valley based stake pool operator for the ADA token on the Cardano blockchain. Alto is a high quality, a high up-time block validator for the Cardano Blockchain. Alto uses the latest equipment and best technology available for your Generational Wealth.

Alto Stake Pool is a single Stake Pool Operator (SPO) for #Cardano $ADA Layer 1 staking – Ticker [ALTO]. When you delegate with [ALTO] stake pool, you will earn about 5% compounded return per year. Each time a block is minted, your prior awards are included. In order to sustain current and future operating costs, the ALTO stake pool has a 0.5% margin – the balance goes to delegates.

Alto Stake Pool does not take custody of your ADA, or any other currency. ALTO will never ask for you to send ADA or contact you for any reason. Do not send us any ADA. If you send ADA to an address, it is not ALTO. Please use the official Yoroi or Daedalus wallets for delegating. If you are new to delegating, we strongly suggest that you use the Yoroi wallet. Daedalus must download the entire blockchain, and Daedalus could take more than a day to load on a lesser powered computer.

We know that you have a choice in choosing a Cardano Stake Pool to delegate your ADA.
Thank you for choosing to delegate with ALTO stake pools.