About Us

The Founder’s belief system is that early exposure to technology is the key to reducing the ‘Digital Divide‘.

The Founder has two careers – Education and Software development. The Founder is a credentialed CTE (Career Technical Education) computer science teacher. He teaches K-8 computer science in underrepresented communities including Compton, CA and Oakland, CA, Title 1 schools, and youth enrichment camps for various non-profits.

He is also an early ‘retired’ senior DevOps engineer at various companies including Symantec and Logitech. His time in software full time started with technical support, then SQA and finally year in DevOps with build and release, and Installation development.

Our founder, Booker T. Americus, follows the general belief system of Booker T. Washington. This philosophy is simple, Academics plus a Hands-on skill is the key to success.

Booker T. Americus believes Cardano is a ‘long game’.

Cast down your bucket where you are …