This Proof of Stake Blockchain pool operator is not a money transmitter, under United States Federal law, and does not engage in the sale, transmission, transfer, or storage of any type of money, currency, or convertible virtual currency.

This pool operator does not engage in purchasing and exchanging any form of currency, or convertible virtual currency, between persons or accounts, and does not operate a Money Services Business.

This pool operator only facilitates the mining of blocks for mining pools and contract purchasers and is not a money transmitter nor subject to the Bank Secrecy Act regulations, as these transfers are integral to the provision of services. This pool operator does not control user access, domestic or foreign, to the blockchain, or access to the mining pools. Once materials have been obtained after mining the blocks through the Proof of Stake platform, this pool operator is not liable for what the pool miners or contractors do with said materials outside of the platform.